Letra de All Very Hoopla! - The Telepathic Butterflies

Letra de canción de All Very Hoopla! de The Telepathic Butterflies lyrics

Reach for my coat and grab my hat
Head for the door while looking back
Gazing upon this empty flat
Jump in a cab and make to leave
Go where the road is taking me
It's all very hoopla, summer's dream
To be where the Earth and sky will meet
...and it's good, if there's heat, it's all that I need
A miscellaneous affair, over-congested, crazy hair
All very hoopla while you're there
Because of the way you wear your face
Hanging a smile that seems to say
All very hoopla, won't you stay
At least 'til the sun will shine again
Every day the words escape me, awkward in myself
All in all, all is song, that I wish to tell
Every day the thought surrounds me,
Go to where you're not
All in all, all is song, sitting in my loft
Everyone is happy, everyone is glad
Busy in my own head space
That is where I am

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