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Letra de canción de All Hope Is Pleading de Mourning Beloveth lyrics

The silent universe seeks echoes to live,to catch a glance but afraid to give For the moments are not measured
in time, but in knowledge where some live sublime So this fire must be nourished from birth ,to realise we are
born from the dirt

The silence of a world without you, the laughing is over now All sound we swallow with pride, quenched within
a sea The swell and dip,swallowed and hollowed through

To lose the fight for life,last breath,fighting the life I breath The surge and swell of rain,trickles
through,my thoughts each time I die My thoughts are taking form,under clouds,the struggle goes on Striving for
pain and now I breath,never feel,what is this life for? All hope is pleading,last day,for death has come
Rotting away for we are drowned,our days,fall on this night I breath This plague into us breaths,our
conception,for we are dead Lead the way to murder,realise,we are never born

Enter light of pain as we are dead again As the sea swells and dips with emotion losing its grip Swallowed and
hollowed again by the mere existence of pain

All hope is dead again All hope is pleading for existence The surge and swell of pain ruins me Trickles
through every breath I take

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