Letra de All God's Children - Belinda Carlisle

Letra de canción de All God's Children de Belinda Carlisle lyrics

I believe in you
Do you believe in me?
Please say you do.
Oh can't you see that
Everytime I try to live alone
I find that I can't make it on my own
So please bless my dreams.
All God's children
Right or wrong, weak or strong
All God's children
Old and young, everyone needs real love.
Right out from the start
I was taught to listen to my heart
So when I tell you 'this is real'
I know I'm not mistaken,
Help me heal,
Don't leave my heart to break in two
Without you.
One and all
You'll offer no exceptions
When you call,
Baby let your love shine through,
Bright and true.
[Refrão x2]
All God's Children
Glad or sad
Good or bad
All God's Children
Dark or light
Day or night
They need real love.

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