Letra de Alive - Alison Moyet

Letra de canción de Alive de Alison Moyet lyrics

There are days
Come be alive
Here and take up by my side
We decide
Let there be no triggers fired
Put your hands down
Oh, this is how we learn to exist
Let nothing begin
And we find ourselves squared up in the ring
But this is a fight
I don't care to win
Cut you, oh and I bleed
Raise the flag and
We can give in
And I want you
I still want you
Cease fire
I'm on side
Hear the thunderclap of quiet
Calm in sight
Let's have no alarms tonight
We can stand down
Oh, like the bird on the wire
We could steal away
But while there's peace enough to sit out the rain
I'll watch my mouth
You corner your pain
We can cover one another
Weave like the willow again
And I want you
I still want you

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