Letra de Adversarial / Copulating Snakes - Napalm Death

Letra de canción de Adversarial / Copulating Snakes de Napalm Death lyrics

I'll skulk expectantly and
open wide, shall I?
I'll position myself for
readjustment, shall I?

Be bared for tools and
debilitating friction, shall I?
Be passed around like pickings
for scavengers, shall I?


I'll passively be defined
as shockproof vessel, shall I?
Then reprimanded for every
snapping sinew, shall I?

I'll take the strokes because
I skipped a beat, shall I?
I'll be accepting that my time
ceases here, shall I?

Adversarial - manhandled
off my plateau
Feral? Uncivil? Adversarial
I'm almost pacified
by your incredulity
But these bondage ties
reserved my right...

Adversarial - Base? Remedial...

...Soon though, resistance is
but strangulated pangs
Intertwining around any inkling
that I might stand and be counted
Perennial the serpents that
proffer then throttle

Awe at copulating snakes
Copulating snakes
Copulating snakes
These are copulating snakes

Almighty conglomeration
of writhing prowess
The muscles that mute me
in tandem
Rallying cries jab my own throat
as I terminally clench.

Dispatched by copulating snakes
Copulating snakes
These are copulating snakes
Copulating snakes

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