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Tell Me! Where are you Yahweh?
When your children need you,
Claiming their lives distressful,
Amongst those who violate them?
Amongst those who despise them?
All commandments seem useless...
Crushing your hordes,
Your fool sty of swines must die,
What good does bring your sabbath?
And lies preached by your rabbis?
Exterminating your flock,
Enough has this world endured,
Let's cleanse what seems unchaste,
And that is you and your unholy grace
What solomon built was frist destroyed,
At the strength and power of Babylonians,
And so was the second temple,
Bu Titus and his legions,
Never dream of seeing it rebuilt...
Never dream of a third one...
Even the Kotel HaMa'aravi,
Will not last more than a decade!
Made Excrement...
Made Excrement...
Let the flames engulf and leave you charred,
Let the persecution escalate,
Let your children drown in my blackest vomit
Let your synagogues be crushed eternal!
Allow the sons of chaos to celebrate,
Allow the blood of your sheep in constant flow,
Allow the destruction of Temple Mount,
Allow the Torah to be destroyed
...Be destroyed!
Let the flames engulf you Adonai...
Cataclysmic extermination thus prevails...

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