Letra de A Thousand Faces - Creed

Letra de canción de A Thousand Faces de Creed lyrics

I stand surrounded,
By the walls that once confined me
Knowing I'll be underneath them,
When they crumble, when they fall
With clarity, my scars remind me
Ask yourself what's just under my skin

Different smiles again - So much I hide
How is stepping back a move forward?

Now I'm forced to look behind
I'm forced to look at you
You wear a thousand faces - Tell me,
Tell me, which is you?
Broken mirrors paint the floor
Why can't you see the truth?
You wear a thousand faces - Tell me,
Tell me, which is you? (x2)

Here, only time made no change
Pointing fingers, laying blame
Lying over & over & over & over,
Deceiving your mind...
Dug my grave - Trashed my name
Yet, here I stand, so you won't fade away

[Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus]

I bleed inside (Wanna' bleed)
Just let it out - I bleed inside
I'm gonna' let it out - Let it die!

...Tell me, (x3) ...You wear a thousand faces,
...Tell me which is you? (x2)

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