Letra de #Hoodlove - Jazmine Sullivan

Letra de canción de #Hoodlove de Jazmine Sullivan lyrics

I got a.45 in my louis bag yeah
And I, I'ma always ride for my man yeah
If he got two strikes I'ma take the wrap
Cause that's what a real bitch do
Cause he always did what he had to do for me
I never have to worry 'bout a thing when I'm with 'em
More than the money and the clothes
And everything I know, is everything my heart beats for

And I'ma rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(Cause when my nigga need me you know that I got him)
I'ma rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(And I ain't gotta worry cause I know I don't doubt him)
My love's so deep, so deep for my nigga
I never let him go and I swear I never quit him

And I'ma rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(I'm rollin' with my baby, he know that I'm ridin')
That hood love (hood love)
Is that good love (good love)
That hood love (hood love)
Is that good love (good)

If he says go I ain't askin' questions
I'm packing up my stuff and I'm on the next plane, no brainer baby
I consider him a blessing
So I follow his lead and whatever he says
Cause when you love your man
You'll do anything they need, God damn
When you love your man
It's hard but you make it look easy

(Bang bang)
We be in the 'lac out back, bang bang
I be in the back countin' stacks, bang bang
Every king need a queen
So I fight for my nigga
Take a life for my nigga
(Bang bang)
And he ain't always right
But he's just right for me

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