Acorde de White Ferrari - Frank Ocean

Letra de White Ferrari

C               G            F
Bad luck to talk on these rides
Mind on the road
G                F          
  Your dilated eyes watch the clouds float
White Ferrari
  Had a good time
  16: how was I supposed to know anything?

C            G           F
I let you out at Central
C            G                   F
I didn't care to state the plain
                                 Am           C
Kept my mouth closed, we're both so familiar
White Ferrari
  Stick by me
F                              C        
  Close by me (You will find, you will find me)
Is this the slow body?
  Left when I forgot to speak

So I text the speech, lesser speeds
Texas speed, yes
Base takes its toll on me
Eventually, eventually, yes
          G                    F
I only eventually, eventually, yes

   C            G          F
I care for you still and I will forever
   C         G           F
That was my part of the deal, honest
       Am    C     G
We got so familiar
 C             G          F               C
Spending each day of the year, White Ferrari
G            F  C  G
  Good times
In this life, life
In this life, life
One too many years
         G                   F
Some tattooed eyelids on a facelift
 C                   G    
Mind over matter is magic
       F     C     
I do magic
G               C                   G                 F
If you think about it it's over in no time the best life
C  G  C  G  F

C G F (x4, pause)

C G F                         C         G
    I'm sure we're taller in another dimension
 F                      C              G
You say we're small and not worth the mention
 F                      C            G
You're tired of movin', your body's achin'
 F                      C        G
We could vacay, there's places to go
 F                 C               G
Clearly this isn't all that there is
Can't take what's been given
      C        G          F
But we're so okay here, we're doing fine
 C          G
Primal and naked
 F                       C           G
You dream of walls that hold us in prison
 F                        C                G
It's just a skull, least that's what they call it
And we're free to roam

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