Acorde de We Got To Leave - Caesars

Letra de We Got To Leave

standard tuning

capo on 2nd fret

On the [Bm] north side of town,

where the [D] cold winds always [A] blow [G]

Peoples' [Bm] faces are hard to see,

[D] no one that you [A] know [G]

And on the [Bm] south side of town

the [D] bad ones are carrying [A] guns [G]

There all the [Bm] screaming and swearing,

they [D] even got the cops on the [A] run [G]

The [D] city is full of [G] lonely hearts

And all the [D] gutters are filled with [G] broken parts

We got to [D] get away and make a [G] brand new start


We got to [D] get away, before it [G] falls apart

You and [Em] me, [G] you and [D] me

We can still [Em] make it, [G] yeah we got to [D] leave

On the [Bm] west side of town they say

the [D] streets are lined with [A] gold [G]

But all those [Bm] peoples' tongues are turning

[D] black from the lies they [A] told [G]

On the [Bm] east side of town you can

[D] hear someone's baby [A] cryin' [G]

And when the [Bm] kid grows up he's gonna

[D] turn into a mean old [A] guy [G]

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