Acorde de The Swan Song - Within Temptation

Letra de The Swan Song

Dm                         C                       Dm 

Winter has come for me, can't carry on.

F C Dm

The Chains to my life are strong but soon they'll be gone.

Gm C F

I'll spread my wings one more time.

Am G

Is it a dream?


All the ones i have loved calling out my name.

Am G

The sun warms my face.

F C G Am

All the days of my life, I see them passing me by.

Dm C Dm

In my heart i know i can let go.

F C Dm


In the end i will find some peace inside.

Gm C F

New wings are growing tonight.


Dm C Am Dm

As i am soaring i'm one with the wind.

Am C G F Am

I am longing to see you again, it's been so long.

C G Am (pausa)

We will be together again.


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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Stand My Ground (Limited Edition Ep) , Black Symphony

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