Acorde de The Story In Your Eyes - The Moody Blues

Letra de The Story In Your Eyes

Am               D  

I've been thinkin? bout our fortune

Am D

And I decided that we're really not to blame

Am D G C G

For the love that's deep inside us now, - It's still the same

Am D

And the sound we make together

Am D

Is the music to the story in your eyes

Am D G C G

It's been shining down upon us now, - - I Realize.

Chorus Em F#m

Listen to the tide slowly turning

G F#m F#

Wash all our heartaches away

A Bm A

We're part of the fire that is burning



From the ashes we can build another day

Am D

But I'm frightened for our children

Am D

And the lives that we are living are in vain

Am D G C G

And the sunshine we've been waiting for, - - Will turn to rain

Am D

And when the final line is over

Am D

And it's certain that the curtain's gonna fall

Am D

I can hide inside your sweet, sweet Love,


Forever more.

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