Acorde de The Last Chance Texaco - Rickie Lee Jones

Letra de The Last Chance Texaco

Amaj7   xx2120

Bmaj7 xx4342

C x32010

C+ x32002 (Cmaj7add11?)

C' x30010

Cadd9 x3203x

Cmaj7 x32000

D xx0232

Dsus2 xx0230

Em 022000

Em7 022030

F# 244322

G#m 466444


Intro: F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7

Verse 1:

F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7

A long stretch of headlights bends into I-9

F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7

Tiptoe into truckstops

E Amaj7 E Amaj7

And sleepy diesel riders

F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7

Volcanoes rumble in the taxi and glow in the dark

F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7

Camels in the driver's seat

E Amaj7 E Amaj7

A slow easy mark


F# Bmaj7

B C#

But you ran outta gas down the a piece

G#m B

And then the battery went dead

Bm D

Now the cable won't reach It's your


C+ C Em7 Em

Last chance to check under the hood Your

C+ Cmaj7 Cadd9 C Em Em (Bass E-F#-G#)

Last chance she aint sounding too good It's your

Am D Bm Em

Your last chance to trust the man with the

C+ Cmaj7 Em (and pick strings 1 & 2: E-F#-E-D-E-D)


C C'-C Dsus2 D

You've found the last chance

Em Em C C'-C D


Verse 2:

Well, he tried to be Standard

He tried to be Mobil

He tried living in a world

And in a shell

There was this block-busted blonde

He loved her - free parts and labor

But she broke down and died

And threw all the rods he gave her

Bridge 2:

But this one ain't fuel-injected

Her plug's disconnected

She gets scared and she stalls

She just needs a man, that's all

Chorus 2:

It's her last chance

Her timing's all wrong

Her last chance

She can't idle this long

Her last chance

Turn her over and go

Pullin' out of the last chance texaco

The last chance


F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7

F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7


F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7


F# Bmaj7 F# Bmaj7

F# Bmaj7 F#

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