Acorde de The Hole - Townes Van Zandt

Letra de The Hole

(Em)The old woman finally caught me 

(Am)Sneakin' round her cave

Her hair looked just like barbwire boys

And her smile just like the (Em)grave

She asked me could I stay awhile

I (Am)said I'd better go

She slid her arm around my neck

And sweetly whispered (Em)no

(Em)It's cold and dark and lonely here

(Am)as soon enough you'll see

I'm oh so glad you stumbled in

I've been cravin' (Em)company

I cannot stay too long you know

I (Am)left some friends at home

Don't you fret about your friends

Down here we're all (Em)alone

(Em)What about my mother

(Am)I can't just leave her there to mourn

You don't have to think about her

Just forget you were ever (Em)born

I'll disappoint my father

you (Am)know he worked so hard for me

If you have to pay your father back

Just send him some (Em)misery

(Em)I'll miss, I said, a girl I know

(Am)I can't just leave there to pine

she's still got plenty of men to go

I'm sure she'll do just (Em)fine

What about my little boy

She (Am)said, he's just like you

Let a few short years roll by

He'll end up down here (Em)too

(Em)Then her pale green eyes began to glow

(Am)she placed her hand on mine

she smiled and said don't worry

you'll get used to me in (Em)time

As her cold tongue flickered toward

I (Am)spun myself around

made a dive for the passageway

but the walls come crashing (Em)down

(Em)Now her eyes were the only light

(Am)my fevered brain could see

but I tore myself away from them

and fell down to my (Em)knees

I've come too far, I can't get back

I (Am)beseeched the Gods of men

fame and fortune just laughed at me

then silence once (Em)again

A whisper deep within

embrace the God of Love

I lifted my face and through the tears

I saw light fall from (Em)above

(Em)I hurled myself into the wall

(Am)I ripped and clawed my way

through the stinkin', clingin' loam

back to the light of (Em)day

I crawled out into the wind again

the (Am)sky upon my face

I heard the earth sigh patiently

as it slid back into (Em)place

(Em)Now I'm back among the ones I love

(Am)I'm loved by them in turn

and it's only on the darkest night

that green eyed memory (Em)burns

So walk my friends, in the light of day

don't (Am)go sneakin' 'round no holes

there just might be something down there

wants to gobble up your (Em)soul

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