Acorde de The Hands - Queensryche

Letra de The Hands

Intro (strum each chord once, and listen to the song to get the rhytm):

Dsus2 / Dm / Dsus4 / C / Csus4 / C

To make this easy, hold down Dsus2 (x00230) first. Then use your forefinger

to fret the high-E string on the first fret (x00231) to play Dm. Finally,

use your little finger to hold down the same string on the third fret

(x00233) to get Dsus4. It's actually a lot simpler than it sounds. To play

the last part, play C (032010) and use your forefinger (the one holding the

B string at the first fret) to bar the high-E on the same fret and get Csus4


The same progression is used throughout the verses.

Dsus2 Dm

When I'm lost, I find a way

Dsus4 C / Csus4 / C

I hear voices...

Dsus2 Dm

Feelings surround me, closer to the edge,

Dsus4 C / Csus4 / C

I close my eyes...

The bridge is essentially the two chords F (133211) and E flat (668886)

played in alternation, and ending on Dsus2 (slide down from E flat to play




And my luck keeps holding strong,


Even when the boot comes down,


I'm waiting for the revolution,

Eb Dsus2

But there's no one around - except

And now we move to the chorus which is very similar to the verse and intro.

You need to start with Dm (you can keep pulling off and on to Dsus2 to make

it sound better), then move to Am (002210) and do the same with Asus2

(002200) and finally move to C which you can, if you wish, alternate with

Csus4 (as above). As you end the chorus, start playing the intro again.


The hands out of nowhere

Am C

Saving me again (save me)


There's always something there watching out for me,

Am C

If I'm suffocating, it gives me air -

C Play intro here (Dsus2 / Dm / Dsus4 / C / Csus4 / C)

It gives me air...

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Operation Mindcrime II , Mindcrime At The Moore

El acorde de The Hands de Queensryche es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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