Acorde de The Battle Hymn Of Love - Kathy Mattea

Letra de The Battle Hymn Of Love

I will (A) pledge my heart to the love we share

Through the good and the (E) bad times (A)too.

I forsake my rest for your happiness

Till my death I will (E)stand by (A)you


With (D) God as my witness this (A) vow I will make

To have and to hold you no other to (D) take

For (A) rich or for poor under skies gray or (D) blue

Till my (A) death I will (E) stand by (A) you


There are wars and there are rumors of wars yet to come

Temptations we'll (E) have to walk (A) through

Though others may tremble I will not (D) run

Till my (A) death I will (E) stand by (A) you

I'll (D) put on the armor of (A) faithfulness

To fight for a heart that is (E) true

Till the (A) battle is won I will not (D)rest

Till my (A)death I will (E)stand by (A)you


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