Acorde de Sweetest Perfection - Depeche Mode

Letra de Sweetest Perfection

EmThe sweetest perfection 

CTo call my own

AmThe slightest correction

BCouldn't finaly hone

EmThe sweetest infection

COf body and mind

AmThe sweetest injection

BOf any kind

(*) GI stop and I stare too much

CAffraid that I care too much

AmAnd I hardly dare to touch

BFor fear that the spell may be broken

GWhen I need a drug in me

CAnd it brings out the thug in me

AmFeel something's tugging me

BThan I want the real things not tokens

The sweetest perfection ...

comment: the following as above (*)


Things you'd expect to be

Baving effect on me

Pass undetectedly

But everyone knows what has got me

Takes me completely

Touches so sweetly

Reaches so deeply

I know that nothing can stop me

B Am F D

BThe sweetest perfection

AmAn offer was made

FAn assorted collection

DBut I wouldn't trade

The sweetest perfection ...

comment: change B -> C7 to the end

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