Acorde de Stoned - Dido

Letra de Stoned

B              F#m7      B          F#m7  

when you're stoned baby, and I am drunk

and we make love, it seems a little desolate

it's hard sometimes not to look away

and think what's the point

when I'm having to hold this fire down

I think I'll explode, if I can't feel this freely now

G#m F# E

If you won't let me fall for you then you

G#m F#7 E

won't see the best that I would love to do for you instead

G#m F# E

you will be missing me when I go cos I'm

G#m F#7 E

bored of hanging out in your cold

B F#m7 B F#m7

when I feel loved baby, I join the road

and the world moves with me


when I feel lost I just slip away

silently, quietly take my things and go


and think what's the point


think where's the hope we're coming home

B F#m7

If you find one day

find some freedom and relief

and with this freedom maybe

maybe you will find some peace

and with this peace baby

I hope it brings you back to me

bring you home, take me home

>> Acho q eh isso ;-)

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Life For Rent , Live (Dvd) , Live (Dvd)

El acorde de Stoned de Dido es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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