Acorde de Someone Else - Queensryche

Letra de Someone Else


Play arpeggios of Am and Em twice. Remember this picking pattern, we'll be

using it throughout the verses and interludes.


B|----1------------------0-0---strum Em--|


D|--2---2--strum Am----2-----------------|



Verse 1:

Pick and strum exactly as for the intro, but use the following chords:

arp - arpeggio

str - strum

ring - let the chord ring out, with some echo if available

Am(arp) Am(str) G(arp) G(strum) Am(arp)

When I fell from grace, I never realized

Am(strum) Em (strum and then pick the lower 3 strings)

How deep the flood was around me..

Am(arp) Am (str) G(arp) G(strum) Am(arp)

A man whose life was toil, was like a kettle left to boil,

Am(strum) Em (as with the Em above)

And the water left its scars on me-


Repeat the intro pattern.

If there is a second guitar playing - an acoustic would be nice - it can

strum the Am and Em chords alternately.

The patterns for all the remaining verses are exactly the same:

(Am / G / Am / Em) twice.

Verse 2:

The chains I wore were mine,

Dragging me towards my fate,

Planned for me - long ago...

I played by all their rules,


Went to their right schools,

Who was I to question?

Now it gets easier:


Dm / Dsus2 (ring) Am

They used to say I was nowhere, man,

Dm / Dsus2 Am

And heading down was my destiny -

Dm F (turn on distortion here if you want!)

But yesterday, I swear,


That was someone else, not me!

If you're playing an open G here, a fun idea is to alternate between G

and Gsus4 (the same shape as G, but with your little finger

pulling on and off the 5th fret on the high E string.)

Do this a few times (or just strum up a storm with G) and then use

barre chords for the chorus:

Am F G

Here I stand, at the crossroads' edge,

Am F G

Afraid to reach out for eternity..

Am F G

One step, when I look do-o-wn,

(Play the intro twice here)

I see someone else, not me

The second chorus ends a little differently:

G Am (ring) G (ring) Am (ring) G(ring)

But it's somewhere out of reach I keep looking back

Am(ring) G(ring) Am(ring) G(ring) Am(ring) G(ring)

Looking back Looking back and I see Someone else...

After the second chorus, go straight to the bridge and play the final chorus.

When playing the last few lines, use the same chord progression as at the

end of the second chorus.

End on Am ("me...?")

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El acorde de Someone Else de Queensryche es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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