Acorde de Somebody - Depeche Mode

Letra de Somebody

I want somebGody to share, share the Grest of my life 

share my Aminnermost thoughts knAsus2ow my Amintimate detDails

someone who'll Gstand by my side and Ggive me support

and Amin return she'll get my support

she will lDisten to mGe when DI want to sBmpeak

about the woDrld wD7e liGve in and liDfe in gGeneral

though my vGiews may be wrong they may eBmven be perverted

she'll hAmear me out and won't Deasily be conAmverted

to mGy way of thinking in fact she'll Amoften disagree

at the Gend of it all she will uBmnderstand me

c:interlude (and ending) alternate between C and G

I want somebGody who cares for me pGassionately

with evAmery thought and with every brDeath


someone who'll heGlp me see things in a different light

all the things i detest i will almost lAmike

I don't waDnt to be tiGed to anDyones strBmings

I caAmrefully try to stay clear of thCose things

but whGen I'm asleep, i want someboAmdy

who will pCut their arms around me kiss me tenBmderley

though thGings like this, make me siAmck

in a caGse like this

I'll get aBmway with it

c:interlude fade out

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: The Singles 81-85 , Some Great Reward , 101 , Catching Up With Depeche Mode ,

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