Acorde de So, What Would I Do - Joe Bonamassa

Letra de So, What Would I Do

Play chords as follows:

Eb9    Edim7   F/D   Gm7


Shapes above transpose with different root notes.

Home for a day
           Bb        E9
Six more nights, baby
         Eb9               Edim7
When I go on the road
Feel my presence diminishing, baby
        D7           Gm                  Eb7 

All I need is the truth and a faith
      Bb          Gm7         C7            C7
That true love brings
             F     Gm     G#dim7      F/D                 F

Bless your soul for loving me
                   Bb               E9
And my faults included
       Eb9                  Edim7
Oh, I know
You're the rock
That keeps me grounded
              Gm           Eb7

I know it can be a long, winding road
              Bb   Gm            C7           F
You know I love you so
                     Bb       Eb7   Bb   Bb

All I have is you on my mind
      F    Gm  G#dim7  F/D     F
You're all that's left for me in my life
                  Bb       Eb7      Bb         D7

'Cause I want to know
You've seen enough with me
       Gm   C7     C7
'Cause I will survive
This long time away
     Gm   G#dim7 F/D     (F/D)

So, what would I do?
                 Bb     E9
Just sit and suffer, baby
             Eb9           Eo7
So, what would I do?
I could go on without you, darling
        Gm        C7                F 
Oh, I don't know
            Bb     Eb7     Bb    F7

During Solo's:
Bb   E9   Eb9   Edim7 Bb   D7   Gm   Eb7
Bb   Gm7  C7    F7    Bb   Eb7  Bb   F7

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