Acorde de Shabop Shalom - Devendra Banhart

Letra de Shabop Shalom

Intro: (spoken Word)

G Em Am D

Our story beings on a Sunday afternoon,

just between Halfway Tree and Spanish Town,

where a young boy,

not yet the cock o'the walk that he would soon become,

was lying on the grass

and taking in the sweet and sensuous scent of Hibiscus

that languidly lilted along the summer breeze.

It was at this precise moment that he saw her.

Her walk was soft and delicate,

with a thaumaturgical touch that only a rabbi's daughter could have.

Before their eyes had even met,

her luminous lips had already lured him in.

Salvation winked with the promise of a Bris held at pinnacle

and a congregation of sage's bunny hopping

and chicken dancing to Yiddish Mento.

Then their eyes linked, an aeon blinked,

Amharic vows were scryed upon their hearts.

Just to think, this could be with the frenectomy and a few words of love...

G Am C D

My Shabop Shalom Baby,

won't you Shabop Shalom with me, under the old banana tree?

My sweet telavivian lambs bread,

my heart can act as an emollient

and you'll never ever say, "Get Bent!" Noooo, no, no!


todamamatodamama da da da da x 2


All the signals that I'm sendin I'll keep sending them

G D Am

and on the constanttillionth time I'll make you mine (Yes, I swear I will..)


G Am C D

Your sweet supple breasts are golden ghettos,

soft statues in stilettos. Two wise men instead of three.

Whenever I'm in a foul mood, I gotta' see you in your Talmud

and so happy it makes me, you wanna know who, who wrote the Book of Job?

She wants to know, "Who, who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Well I did, I did. Yes.

Yes, I did, I did.

I did, I did. Mmmhmm.

I did, I did.

Am G D

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia can be a fun ordeal.


I swear by Solomon's seal.

G Am C D

Honey, when it comes to love, there's a fire in the deep end of my heart,

givin' me the Heebie-Jeebies.

Ya see, I know the land of wood and water is merely fodder for love's slaughter.

And darling, I've watched you cake-walk to the Immaculate Conception for far too long.

I'm Livicated to you, yes.

Ahava Raba

Ahava Raba for you

We're in Heaven

We're in Heaven, it's true.

I'm ascending...

I'm ascending tonight with you

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