Acorde de Sentimental Institution - Steve Hackett

Letra de Sentimental Institution

I'll tell you a [Eb]story 

A[Ab7]bout a girl who came my [Eb]way [Eb]

We upped and [Ab]married

Three [Ab7]kids, a dog in Sante [Eb]Fe [Eb]

[Ab]Now she's gone I'm by my[Ab7]self

I'm gonna [Eb]join

A [Ab7]sentimental insti[Eb]tution [Eb]

I'm gonna [Ab]pack

Pack all my [Ab7] little old blues a[Eb]way [Eb]

But [Ab]I didn't stay [Ab7]left on the shelf [Ab7]

[Cm] Mrs. Johnson [Gm]from Wisconsin

[Cm] She's a widow, [Gm]plain to see

And [Cm] Minnesota [Gm]from Dakota

[Cm] Likes the way I [Gm]make her tea

[no chord]

Sweet as candy


I'm gonna [Eb]join

A [Ab7]sentimental insti[Eb]tution [Eb]

No-one to [Ab]stop me


From [Ab7]playing Benny Goodman all [Eb]day [Eb]

So if you [Ab]want romance

[Ab7]Just step my way

The [Ab7]band starts to play

[Cm] I can thrill her

[Gm]With Glenn Miller

[Cm] Or a song from

[Gm]Louis Armstrong

[Cm] With Jim Dorsey

[Gm]Or Arty Shaw, we

[Cm] Know this magic [Gm]can't go wrong

[no chord]

Old and lovely

She's so wealthy

But so ugly

I've gone crazy

Someone help me [Eb]do

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