Acorde de Ribbon Bows - Joanna Newsom

Letra de Ribbon Bows

(F)There is a (C)spring not far from (F)here

The water (C)runs both sweet and (F)clear

Both sweet and (Dm)clear and co - (Bb)old

Could crack your (C)bones with (Bb)veins of (F)gold

I stood a-(C)wagging at the (F)tap

Just a-(C)waiting on the lagging, rising (F)sap

I held the (Bb)cold tin ladle to my (G)lip

At the shrine of the (C)Thousand Eyes I lowered my (Bb)eyes do (F)sip

What a (G)beautiful (Cm)day to (G)catch my (Cm)drift

Or (Bb)be caught (Ab)up (Bb)in (Eb)it


(Ab)You want your (G)love? (F)Love, (Bb)come and get your (G)love

I only (C)took it back because I (Bb)thought you (F)didn't

This progression is then repeated, followed by this:

(Am)All day you're (Eb)hassling me with (F)tri - (Cm)ifles

(Am)Black (Eb)nose of the dog as (F)cold as a (Cm)rifle (Bb)

(A)Indicating (G)with a nudge, (F)god, (Eb)no god, (Bb)god, (G)no god

(A)Sweet appraising (G)eye of the dog, blink (F)once if (Eb)god, (Bb)twice if (G)no god

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Have One On Me

El acorde de Ribbon Bows de Joanna Newsom es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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