Acorde de Rainbow Sleeves - Rickie Lee Jones

Letra de Rainbow Sleeves

Intro: G Bm7 C Cm G D7sus4 D7 G

G Gmaj7

You used to dream yourself away each night

B7 Em7 Am7

To places that you'd never been

G Em

On wings made of wishes

Am7 D7sus4 D7

That you whispered to yourself.

G Bm7

Back when every night the moon and you

C Cm G

Would sweep away to places That you knew

D7 G

Where you would never get the blues

B7 Em7 B7

Well now, whiskey gives you wings

Em7 D G

To carry each one of your dreams

G Gmaj7

And the moon does not belong to you

C B7 Em7 B7

But I believe that your heart Keeps young dreams

Em7 A7

Well, I've been told To keep from ever growing old


And a heart that has been broken

D7sus4 D7

Will be stronger when it mends

G Bm7

Don't let the blues stop you singing

C Cm

Darlin', you've only got a broken wing

G D7sus4 D7

Hey, you just hang on to my rainbow


Hang on to my rainbow

G D7 G

Hang on to my rainbow sleeves

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Girl At Her Volcano

El acorde de Rainbow Sleeves de Rickie Lee Jones es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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