Acorde de Punish Her - Bobby Vee

Letra de Punish Her


A Ab A F#

If she has wronged you, found someone new.

A F# B E F#m

But you feel it's not over..here's what you must do.


A Db B F#m A D

Punish her..kill her with kindness..ohhh, buy her red

Dm A Dbm

roses every day..(doo-doot-doo-doot-da-doot.)

F#m B Bm Dm

Aaah, punish her with so much affection, that she will

A F#m Bm Em A

cry for the love she threw away.


D E A F#m

She'll soon rediscover, with tears in her eyes,

B F#m D E

that you're the only lover she was born to idolize.


A Db F#m A D

Just punish her..blind her with kisses.....aaah, til she

Dbm F#

can't see how she let you go..ooo..oh.

Bm E

Then whisper darling, darling, darling, I still love



you so.



(Punish her, punish her..punish her, punish her.)


A Bb D Gm7 Bb Eb

Ahhh, punish her..blind her with kisses.....yeaaah, til she


can't see how she let you go..ooo..oh.

Cm Bb Gm7

Then whisper darling, darling, darling, I still love

F Bb

you so.


Bb F Gm7 Bb

Ooohhhh, punish her..(aahh-ha-haaa)..punish her..(mmmm-hmmm)..

Gm Bb

punish her..(ah-ha-ha)..aaaawwww..punish her..(oh, yeah..)

Gm Bb

punish her(..oh-ho-ho)..punish her..

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