Acorde de Practical Arrangement - Sting

Letra de Practical Arrangement

Key: B Minor, afterwards modulate to C Minor

Time: 4/4








* * * *


Am I asking for the moon?

Gmaj7/9 G6 Em9

Is it really so implausible?

Em9/A A7

That you and I could soon

Dmaj7 F#7sus4 F#7

Come to some kind of arrangement?

Bm9 Gmaj7/9

I'm not asking for the moon


I've always been a realist

Em9 Em9/A A7

When it's really nothing more

Dmaj7 F#7sus4 F#7

Than a simple rearrangement

Bm C7sus4 C7

With one roof above our heads

F#m F#mmaj7 F#m7

A warm house to return to

Em9 Em9/A A7

We could start with separate beds

Dmaj7 F#7sus4 F#7

I could sleep alone or learn to

Bm Bm/A G#m7/b5 Em9

I'm not suggesting that we'd find some earthly paradise forever

Cmaj7 Bm/F# F#7

I mean how often does that happen now? The answer's probably never

Gmaj7/b5 Em6/9

But we could come to an arrangement, a practical arrangement

C#9/sus4 F#7/5+ Bm9 Gm9 G7/9+


And you could learn to love me given time


I'm not promising the moon

Abmaj7 Ab6

I'm not promising a rainbow

Fm9 Bb7sus4 Bb7

Just a practical solution

Ebmaj7 G7sus4 G7

To a solitary life


I'd be a father to your boy

Abmaj7 Fm9

A shoulder you could lean on

Bb7sus4 Bb7 Ebmaj7

How bad could it be

G7sus4 G7

To be my wife?

Cm D7/b9 D7

With one roof above our heads

Gm Gmmaj7 Gm7

A warm house to return to

Fm7 Bb7sus4 Bb7

You wouldn't have to cook for me

Ebmaj7 G7sus4 G7

You wouldn't have to learn to

Cm Cm/Bb Am7/b5 Fm9

I'm not suggesting that this proposition here could last forever

Dbmaj7 Cm/G G7

I've no intention of deceiving you, you're far too clever


But we could come to an arrangement


A practical arrangement

D9/sus4 G7/5+ Fm9 G7/5+

And perhaps you'd learn to love me given time

Abmaj7 Cm/Bb Am7/b5 Fm9

It may not be the romance that you had in mind

D7sus4 G7/5+

But you could learn to love me

Db9 Csus2

Given time

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