Acorde de Phantasma De Luxe - Tiamat

Letra de Phantasma De Luxe

The basis of this simple song is variation between the chords: Am and G

Am G Am G Am

this dole crowner gallows me as this mere welking hallowed be

G Am G Am

whereupon i trick and train and tire to limn my umbered love in fire

G Am G Am

before this noble mare bewrays as i clearly see it all decays

G Am

in debile coil of smoke suspires

Am Asus Am Asus Am Asus Am Asus

Am G Am G Am

ay our last orison quickens as we are drumbling near this poize of free

G Am G Am

quell me maculate slowly dyer case my remains with sharpened brier

G Am G Am

atone me to my throes curtail to dim and fire fields i vail


and my eale's but a slumbering lier


Am Asus Am Asus Am Asus Am Asus

Am G Am G Am G Am G Am G Am G Am C G

Am G Am

then so lingered here but none to buckle back what had begun


in molten aeons caged desire dared phantasma us much higher

G Am

ceased to milch the clover flower neither raindrops no my lover

G/B C E C G/B Am

shall restore what has been done when we're all keeled in freezing sun

The Chords:

Am: 002210

G: 320003

Asus: 002200

C: 032010

G/B: x20003

E: 022100

Letra subida por: Anónimo

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: A Deeper Kind Of Slumber , Commandments: An Anthology

El acorde de Phantasma De Luxe de Tiamat es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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