Acorde de Outlaw Heart - Tiger Army

Letra de Outlaw Heart

(format #1)

Am C

Desert nights under lonely stars

Am C

Cruising down a highway takes me farther from home

Am C

Whiskeeeee and regret

Am C

Neither can erase the fact that I have done wrong

(format #2)


So now I'm on the run


The law is on my trail


let down the only girl that ever seemed to be the one for me


So now I wandered alone

(SOLO #1)

(format #1) Am, C

Alone in a cheap motel room

Praying to The Lord above

Burden of the past rests so heavy on my shoulders

My conscience carries the weight of blood

Cigarette smoke and shadow

A neon cactus in the night

Did what I did 'cause I thought that I had no choice

But there's always another way

(format #2) F, C, Then G at last verse of line

look to the moon and stars

Somewhere underneath them she's there

Never even spoke to her the words of love I held in my heart

If she heard them now, would she still care?

Wonder if she's thinking of me

Does she hate me for what I've done

How I wish that I could change everything and go back

Now that my last chance is gone, it's gone

(SOLO # 2)

Moon, will you tell her for me

I'm sorry for all the trouble that I've caused

If only I could find a way to return to her someday

For I long to hold her in my arms

But I fear that I'm not for this world

Because I will not go out without a fight

I'm running forever, if they should catch me

One last thought of her before my gun is fired


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