Acorde de Next Year, Baby - Jamie Cullum

Letra de Next Year,  Baby

(intro) Eb7M Abm6 Eb7M Abm6 

Eb7M Gm7

Next year,

Ab7M Cm7

Things are gonna change

Db7M Dm7(b5)

Gonna drink less beer

Abm7 Bb7

And start all over again

Gonna read more books

Gonna keep up with the news

Gonna learn how to cook

And spend less money on shoes

I'll pay my bills on time

File my mail away, everyday

Only drink the finest wine

And call my Gran every Sunday

Well resolutions


Baby, they come and go

Will I do any of these things?

The answer's probably no

But if there's one thing, I must do

Despite my greatest fears

I'm gonna say to you

How I've felt all of these years

Eb7M Abm6 Eb7M Abm6

Next year

Eb7M Abm6 Eb7M Abm6

Next year

(solo) Ab7M Cm7 Ab7M Cm7

Ab7M Cm7 Ab7M Cm7

I'm gonna tell you how I feel

Gb7M Ab7M Gb7M Ab7M

I'm gonna tell you how I feel

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