Acorde de Next Door Neighbour - Ray Davies

Letra de Next Door Neighbour

Intro:         D Dmaj7  Bm    A

D                       Dmaj7       Bm                         A         
Mr. Jones, my next door neighbour I feel I've known you all my life 
D                        Dmaj7      Bm                           A         
I haven't seen you for a while now  How's the family? How's that beautiful wife? 
            D7                 G                   Gm                 A
I hope your dreams were not forgotten And you've become downtrodden 
D        A /C#           Bm       A               D7
Get your health together Get your wealth together 
D7      G              C                  A     
Get yourself together  Jones, you were my next door neighbour 

Mr. Brown, you're so ambitious You ran off with an Essex blond 
You've broke the bank to keep two women You're over extended, now it's all gone wrong 
Now you're right back where you started 
Still, you shouldn't be broken hearted 
Get your mind together We can still climb together 
A step at a time together  Brown, your world was turned upside down 

A G                        A                G         A
I know it's not the same     And everything changes 
But behind front doors people think that they can hide 
   A(hold)          G6(hold)      F#m(hold)          Em(hold)           A 
We win and lose, we laugh and cry Live and learn, at least we try 
              D         A/C#           Bm    A  
Oh, give it a try Ba ba ba,   together Ba ba ba, together 
D7            G              C         A
And we can go miles together All of my next door neighbours 

Get your style together Put a smile together 
And we'll go miles together All of my next door neighbours 

Mr. Smith, another story I wonder what became of him? 
They say he threw the telly through the window 
He went bizerk and jacked the whole world in 
They say he may have hit rock bottom 
Still, he went out with a bang and so he is not forgotten 
We had our tiffs together Our rows and our rifts together  
But let's learn to forgive together 
C (hold)                                 C(hold)
Smith, you were my next door neighbour   Jones, you were my next door neighbour 
C      D           C/E       D/F#        C/E     D/F#      C/G       D/F#      Cmaj7(hold)
Brown, you were my next door neighbour

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Other People's Lives , Collected

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