Acorde de Nettie - Type O Negative

Letra de Nettie

Tuning:- C# G# C# F# A# D# (Drop C#)

all chords written as if in standard tuning


G#5 C5 A#5 A5

Nettie, no need to cry

Let me wipe those teardrops from your eyes

Verse 1:

C5 D#5 F5

In the dark bathed in Cathode ray blue

Miss Red Hook of 1922

Weeping silently for the pain of others

Every night a tearful rosary

A victim of the curse of empathy

Her reward for compassion is to suffer


Nettie, no need to cry

Let me wipe those teardrops from your eyes

Verse 2:

My shortcomings I know caused her grief

Still she loves me. This i can't believe!

Responding not with anger but a prayer

Heaven's just Southwest of Cobble Hill

True, I am the son of an Angel

Maternally, not one woman compares


Nettie, no need to cry

Let me wipe those teardrops from your eyes


D5 C5 A#5 A5

If you fall, I will catch you

When you're lost, I'll be there soon

Far away, but of course near

When you're sad, I'm always here

Verse 3:

Thank you for saving me from my self

Your compassion became its own hell

Unequally beautiful inside and out

Without a doubt


Nettie, no need to cry

Let Me wipe those teardrops from your eyes

In the verse when you play D#5 F5 you can play it

either with the second string power chords at the

sixth and eighth frets, or with the first string

(drop D style) power chords on the first and third

frets. I like to alternate between the two every

other time, starting with the low chords. At the

end of every third line in each verse there is a

little break where there is guitar but no lyrics,

and you want this break to line up with the higher

D#5 and F5. Listen to the song to hear what I mean.

I wrote out the chords as if everything was done in

standard tuning because the positions of those chords

is more recognizable. If you want to get picky, these

are the chords you are actually playing:

G#5 = G5

C5 = B5

A#5 = A5

A5 = G#5

D#5 = D5

F5 = E5

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El acorde de Nettie de Type O Negative es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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