Acorde de Motorcycle Drive By - Third Eye Blind

Letra de Motorcycle Drive By

Intro: (Finger Picking) C Fmaj7 C

C/G Am7

Summer time and the wind is blowing, outside in lower chelsea.

And I dont know what Im doing in this city,


The sun is always in my eyes,


It crashes through the windows, and Im sleeping on the couch,


When I came to visit you,


Thats when I knew that I could never have you,


I knew that before you did,


Still Im the one whos stupid

C Amaj7

And theres this burning, like theres always been,

G6 Fmaj7

Ive never been so alone, and Ive never been so alive.


Visions of you on a motorcycle drive by,

A7sus G6

The cigarette ash flies in your eyes, And you don't mind, you smile,

Fmaj7 C

And say the world, it doesn't fit with you.

I don't believe you, You are so serene.

Amaj7 G6sus

Careening through the universe, Your axis on a tilt,


you're guiltless and free,


I hope you take a piece of me with you,


And there's things I would like to do, that you don't believe in,

G6sus Fmaj7

I would like to build something, but you never see it happen,

C A7sus

And there's this burning, Like there's always been,

G6 Fmaj7


I've never been so alone, And I've,

C/G* (distorted strumming)

I've never been so alive,

(strum) Amaj7 G6sus F

Amaj7 F

and there's this burnin', uh huh, there is this burning,


yeah, yeah, yeah...

Where's the soul. I want to know, New York City is evil.


The surface is everything, but I could never do that,


Someone would see through that.

C/G Amaj7

And this is the last time, We'll be friends again.

G6sus F

and I'll get over you, you'll wonder, Who I am.

C/G Amaj7

And there's this burning, just like there's always been,

G6sus F

I've never been so alone, alone, And I've, and I've, I've never been so

C (back to picking the intro) Fmaj7

alive.......................so alive.



I go home to the coast. It starts to rain,


I paddle out, On the water, Alone, Taste the salt and taste the pain.

G6sus C

I'm not thinking of you again, Summer dies and swells rise,


The sun goes down in my eyes, See this rolling wave,


Darkly coming to take me,

Fmaj7 G6sus Fmaj7

Home, And I've never been so alone, And I've never been so alive.

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