Acorde de Michigan State - Devendra Banhart

Letra de Michigan State

Capo 1.

I just put the basic idea of it, I'm sure you can figure it out.


My friend has my favorite teeth


They bend backwards when she breathes


And it whistles


And sweetness is all sweetness was


Bees are blackeyed birds that buzz

And my love has my favorite ears

They lean forwards when she hears

Well evil is all evil was

Birds are blue-eyed knees that buzz


And i said oh michigan, michigan state


How i'd love to live in you


Oh i've never been to michigan state

Still i'd wanna live in you

And you can't talk without your tongue

Don't try and drown without your lungs son

Well my snail has my favorite slow

The shell helps the snail still the skin lays low

And if my snail has my favorite slow

Then my cold has my favorite snow

But if my snail's cold and comes to a halt

Then my sea has my favorite salt

The salt keeps the sea from feeling sweet

And my toes have my favorite feet

And if i sweat salt

And the earth sweats heat

Oh michigan, michigan state

How i'd love to live in you

I've never been to michigan state

Still i'd want to live in you

Michigan state state state state

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