Acorde de Me And I - Abba

Letra de Me And I

INTRO  Bsus4 x2  B  A/B    B/A  A  B/A  A 

VERSE (A) Sometimes when I'm mad

There's a (D) part of me that (E) seems to be a (F#m) little sad

(A) Sometimes when I scream

There's a (D) voice in me that (E) says, "You shouldn't (F#m)be so mean"

Oh (E) no (A) , oh no (E)

(B) Part of me is (G#m) acting while the (C#m) other stands beside (F#)

Yes, (B) I am to myself what Jekyll (A/B) must have been to Hyde

Chorus (E) We're like sun and rainy weather

Sometimes we're a hit together

(B) Me and I (A/B)

(E) Gloomy moods and inspiration

We're a funny combination

(B) Me and I (A/B)

(F#m) I don't think I'm different or in (B6) any way unique


VERSE Sometimes I have toyed

With ideas that I got from good old Dr Freud

Nothing new of course

It may seem to you I try to break through open doors

Oh no, oh no

I just wanna say a lot of that applies to me

'Cause it's an explanation to my split identity


(F#m) Think about yourself for a minute

(G#m7) And you'll find the answer in it

(E) Everyone's a (C#) freak

F# C# F# C# B

A/B x2222x

B6 x13333

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