Acorde de Looking For Strange - Kmfdm

Letra de Looking For Strange


Beat by beat...

D Db D

Jetlag limbo can't decide

Like molten rock I turn to stone

Take me outside myself, do it nice and slow

Somewhere beyond the great unknown

Gsus4 Bb C

Get ready set, All systems go

(Go on give it to me)


Gm Bb Dm Dm

Good life, godlike, wanna see it from the inside

Bound down, gun shy, looking for strange

(Free-fall, swan dive)

Gm Bb Dm Dm

Go on, give it to me, don't stop, let me feel it, Looking for strange

Faster, harder, more, Last chance, no return Looking for strange


Down here in the underbelly

No words are used to speak at all

The mind goes somewhere, comatose from lack of sleep

Will I ever learn to talk?

BR & CHORUS ("free fall, swan dive")


Echoes scream without a sound

Mirror pond reflects no face

Shell-shock, avalanche, dialed out, can't be reached

No fail-safe, panic at close range

Pre-CH & CHORUS ("bound down, gun shy")


Girls and boys, guns and noise, beat by beat

Be the best that you can be, best to your ability

Your future bright and ours to take, do exactly as we say

Step right up, sign right here

Your name in blood, have no fear

Gm Bb Dm Dm

Good life, godlike, wanna see it from the inside

Free fall, swan dive, looking for strange

Gm Bb Dm Dm

Looking for strange

Gm Bb Dm

Go on, give it to me, Hey-ay, hey-ee yay (come on, come on, come on, come on)


Looking for strange

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Tohuvabohu

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