Acorde de Long Wet Kiss - Tracy Lawrence

Letra de Long Wet Kiss

Intro: (G) (Am) (C) (D) x 2

(G) If I was lost on the (Am) ocean

(C) Stranded in the (D) middle of the (G) sea

I'd have to live on dev(Am)otion

(C) Hopin' that you'd (D) rescue (G) me

If I was (Em) nearin' the end

And runnin' (Am) out of time

The only (C) thing that would keep me a(F)live

It's your (G) long wet kiss

In the morning that I (Am) can't resist

(C) I can't (D) deny it when it (G) feels like this

Theres nothin' more I would (Am) miss

(C) Than your (D) long wet (G) kiss

(G) Some men are driven by (Am) diamonds

(C) Some they are (D) drawn to (G) gold

I could live life on de(Am)sire

With (C) only your (D) body to (G) hold

If I was (Em) pushed to the edge

And had to (Am) offer my life

(C) Darlin' I would pay any (F) price

I wouldn't think twice

Repeat Chorus Twice

Fade out...

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Lessons Learned

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