Acorde de Lonely At The Top - Conor Oberst

Letra de Lonely At The Top

Intro: A    F#   F#m   D

A                  C#m          E      A
  It's lonely at the top of the upside mountain
          Bm             D          A         E
Watch the sunrise from a windowless room
A                   C#m      E            A
  If the Paramedics stop the soul goes on without them 
     Bm            D         E
In a wicker basket tied to a balloon

Bm             E             A
   There are no boundaries to love
Bm                 E              A   F#  F#m D
   The heart can't comprehend the pa- no- ra- ma

A                  C#m             E          A
  I took it on the chin from some second hand feeling
       Bm             D                A       E
Sorrow handed down to me it felt brand new
A         C#m          E              A
  Tiny violins or some summer insects listening
Bm             D              E
Another season leaving us too soon

Bm              E           A
   Freedom's the opposite of love
Bm              E                   A   F#  F#m  D
   You'll never keep it through the pa- ra- noi- a

A    D
A    D
A    E

A                  C#m       E                  A
   Standing on the edge of a million landscapes emptying and the
Bm             D                A        E
water from the glacier fills my shoes
A                 C#m    E                  A
   Laying in your bed my dreams are sex and violence
  Bm               D             E
I chase the rapist chasing after you

Bm             E          A
   There is no dignity in love
Bm             E                 A   F#  F#m D
   Trade every scrap to get some ab- so- lo -tion

A                                  D
   'Til then I'm walking out the door
A                                    D
   'Til then I'm running through the airport
A                                   E  A
   'Til then i'm waiting around for no one

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Upside Down Mountain

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