Acorde de Little Boys - Devendra Banhart

Letra de Little Boys

C Am F G

Life is tough and love is rough

For the man who just can't ever seem to get enough

The days go by and the women come and go

So many that you decide to get rid of your front door

So you don't have to hear them all disappear

You just sit and you wait

Staring at your empty plate

nd you can say I'm a lonely sailor

Rockin' gently on my dreams

'Cause I have it all, but I don't want it all

It ain't like I've never ever ever ever tried

I just never been fully satisfied


Just to tie a little shoelace


And to share a sleeping bag


And I look ahead to the day


When I look back at all the fun that I've had

[Hold G, throw in G7 at end for style]

But still, but still, but still..

[little lead in bass riff (left hand in C/G chord formation)]




[use a brush picking technique for this part]

C Am

I see so many little boys I want to marry

C Am

I see plenty little kids I've yet to have


Even when the moon goes out


Even when the sea dries out

I still see so many little boys I want to marry

I see plenty little kids I've yet to have now

Even when the sea's all free

And everything's lying on me

Even when the sun ceases to shine

I won't care, I'll still have on my mind

So many little boys I want to marry yeah yeah

I see plenty little kids I've yet to have


And in the shower I get my dreaming done

I hold my breath and I wait for the day to come

Oh little Billy, little Timmy, little Jimmy, you're the one

I may not look it, but I swear my heart is young for so many..

Little boys I want to marry

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