Acorde de Little Bombs - Aimee Mann

Letra de Little Bombs

Capotraste na 2ª casa 

intro: F Am

(F)From the 22nd (Am)floor

(F)Walking down the (Am)corridor

(Dm)Looking out the (Bb)picture window (F)down

On Syca(C)more

(F)While perspective lines (Am)converge

(F)Rows of cars and buses (Am)merge

(Dm)All the sweet green (Bb)trees of Atlanta (F)burst

Like little (C)bombs

Or little (Dm)pom-poms

Shaken (Bb)by a careless (F)hand

That drives them (C)off

And leaves (Dm)again

Bb F C

(Dm)Life just(Bb)kind of (Dm)empties (C)out

(Dm)Less a (Bb)deluge (Dm)than a (C)drought

(Dm)Less a (Bb)giant (Dm)mushroom (C)cloud

(Dm)Than an unex(Bb)ploded (F)shell

Inside a (C)cell

Of the Lennox(Dm) Hotel

Bb F C


On the 22nd floor

Found a notice on my door

While outside, the sun is shining on

Those little bombs

Those little pom-poms

Life just kind of empties out

Less a deluge than a drought

Less a giant mushroom cloud

Than an unexploded shell

Inside a cell

Of the Lennox Hotel

Bb F C

Inside a cell

Of the Lennox Hotel

Inside a cell

Of the Lennox Hotel

Inside a cell

Of the Lennox Hotel

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