Acorde de Life Becoming A Landslide - Manic Street Preachers

Letra de Life Becoming A Landslide

Verse 1


During this the classical guitars plays along with the singer with various

little bits added on. It goes something likes this (repeat x4):







(Add a few steps inbetween notes and experiment with a few hammer-ons

and pull-offs)

Childbirth tears upon her muscles

Very first, second a screaming icon

Babies in time barely even recognise

Words that once stroked now bruising tired lips

Bridge (Let chords ring)


Dm C

My idea of love comes from

Bb C

A childhood glimpse of pornography

Dm C

Though there is no true love

Bb C

Just a finely tuned jealousy



C F Dm

Life becoming a landslide

Bb C

Ice freezing, nature dead

F Dm

Life becoming a landslide

Bb C

I don't wanna be a man


Verse 2


Here the guitars and bass come in heavy, playing something likes this


Everyday more numb to agony

This the howl, this the sigh of the lonely

One day I realise oil on canvas

Can never paint a petal oh so delicate



Let chords ring as before



Repeat the chorus twice

Instrumental Verse


Second Chorus


Same chords as first chorus

Life becoming a landslide

A mile empty inside

Life becoming a landslide

Desire on its knees

Repeat and end on

Bb C

Desire on its knees

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