Acorde de It Doesn't Matter - Depeche Mode

Letra de It Doesn't Matter



I am happy that I have you

Em A

even though you´re not here now


I know somewhere, you´re dreaming

Em A

Though it´s definitely not of me



It doesn´t matter if this all shatters

Em D

nothing last forever


but I´m praying that we´re staying



(like 1:)

I am warmed

by your friendship

Even when you´re far away

And I´m happy

In the knowledge

We may never see the day


(like 2:)

When I kiss you

and you kiss me

don´t pretend you miss me

The worst kind

of diseased mind

Is one filled with jealousy

Em A

If we should meet again


Don´t try to solve the puzzle

Em A

Just lay down next to me


And please don´t move a muscle

(like 1:)

I will thank you

most of all for

the respect you have for me

I´m embarrassed

It overwhelms me

Because I don´t deserve any

Repeat (1) and ends on D

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