Acorde de Inside - Sting

Letra de Inside

Standard Tuning

Am C D

Inside the doors are sealed to love


Inside my heart is sleeping

Am C D

Inside the fingers of my glove

F Am

Inside the bones of my right hand

Am C D

Inside it's colder than the stars


Inside the dogs are weeping

Am C D

Inside the circus of the wind

F Am

Inside the clocks are filled with sand

Am C

Inside she'll never hurt me


Inside the winter's creeping

Am C D

Inside the compass of the night

F Am

Inside the folding of the land


This pretty much carries on through out the whole song except when it goes differently.

If I can figure it out ill be sure to tab it out and post it, and though this isnt

exactly correct, I think it sounds okay.

F 1 I just figured out that if you take the finger off

1 of the first string of the "D" chord, it sounds good

2 as well.




After listening to it a few times I figured out the you have to "single pick" the strings sort of.








Letra subida por: Anónimo

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Sacred Love

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