Acorde de Sophie Ellis-Bextor - I Won't Change You - Divinas 2004


C G Am C G Am Bb Fm7

I used to change my accent, change my stance

C G Am

My phone number, the way I dance

C G Am

Some people change lovers like they change their sheets x

C G Am

But I won't change you honey, you're for keeps

Bb Fm7

(same as above)

I used to think I had to change the way I am

To feel better, to get a man

But once I stopped trying I fell for you

You fell for me so I'll stay the same for you

Oh yeah I know that I'm not perfect baby

C Fm7 C

Oh yeah it's no reason to go crazy

Am Fm7 C

Oh yeah boy you can always count on me

C Fm7 C


For better or for worse I will always put you first

Bb C

(ande everything si the same)

Now that I have found you

You've changed my life

Cos you're the one who showed me

I have everything right

We're never gonna differ cos we know it's true

So don't change me and I won't change you

I used to change my style like I changed my mind

I tried to change a tyre but I'm not that way inclined

Tried to change my figure my diet too

I'll still change my underwear if that's O.K with you

But after seeing you I know that here is best

Oh yeah the world can sometimes make you feel bad

Oh yeah but don't forget the things you have

Oh yeah boy you can always count on me

In sickness and in health baby always be yourself

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El acorde de Sophie Ellis-Bextor - I Won't Change You de Divinas 2004 es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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