Acorde de I Want You Now - Depeche Mode

Letra de I Want You Now

BmI want you now 

Tomorrow won't F#do

There's a yearning inside

And it's Bmshowing F#through

Reach out your G#mhand

And accept my Elove

We've G#mwaited for too long

Enough is Eenough

I want you Bmnow

F# Bm F#

My Bmheart is aching

My body is F#burning

My hands are shaking

My Bmhead is F#turning

You underG#mstand

It's so easy to Echoose

We've got G#mtime to kill

We've got nothing to Elose

I want you Bmnow


F# Bm F#

And I Bmdon't mean to sound

Like F#one of the Emboys

That's Bmnot what I'm trying to F#mdo

BmI don't want to be

Like F#one of the Emboys

BmI just want F#you now

Cause I've got a Bmlove

A love that won't F#wait

A love that is growing

And Bmit's getting F#late

Do you know what it G#mmeans

To be left this Eway

When everyone's G#mgone

And the feelings they Estay

I want you Bmnow

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