Acorde de I'm Not Down - The Clash

Letra de I'm Not Down

Intro:  A, C#m, F#m, B, A, C#m, F#m, B,  

B/A, B/G#, B/F#, D, D/C#, E, E

Intro (Play Chorus)

Verse I

(E) A F#m E

If it's true a rich man leads a sad life,

C#m D

that's what the say from day to day

A F#m E

then what do all the poor do with their lives

C#m D

on Judgement Day with nothin' to say?


A C#m

I've been beat up I've been thrown out

F#m B

but I'm not down oh, I'm not down

A C#m

I've been shown up but I've grown up and

F#m B

I'm not down oh I'm not down

B/A B/G# B/F# D D/C# E

Verse II

On My own I faced a gang of jeering

In strange streets oh

When my nerves were pumping and I fought my fear in

I did not run, I was not done



E A C#m

Yes I lived that kind of day

Em7 D

when none of your sorrows will go away

go down and down and hit the floor,


down and down and down somemore



A C#m Em7

But I know, there'll be someway when I can swing everything


back my way Like skyscrapers rising up

D/C# B E

floor by floor, not giving up

Verse III

So you walk around and

think that you're the toughest

In the world, the whole wide world

But You're streets away from where it gets the roughest

You ain't been there.


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