Acorde de I'm Alive - Norah Jones

Letra de I'm Alive

   G              Em    

Just sit, and wait

Don't move, just hesitate

You can hope, and pray

You can moan

Maybe things will change

G Em

You feel your soul

Get hollowed out

While the world implodes

You just live without

G Em

She walks, she runs

She fights, almost as one

And finds her voice

She'll march

She has no choice

Am7 Bsus4 B

She's crushed by thoughts

At night of men

Who want her rights

And usually win

Am7 Bsus4 B

But she's alive

Oh, she's alive

She's alive

Oh, she's alive

Am7 Bsus4 B

He screams, he shouts

The heads on the TV bow


They take the bait

They mirror waves of hate

Am7 Bsus4 B

They break down walls

To free their sins

And then their hearts

Come caving in

Em C

Oh I watch, I think

I dance and sometimes I drink

I sing my songs

I'll hope someone sings along

Em C

If I should break

My silent streak

Will knives come out

To cut my cheek?

Em C

Oh, I'm alive, yes I'm alive

But I'm alive, oh, I'm alive

I'm alive, oh, I'm alive

Yes, I'm alive, yes, I'm alive

Em C

I care a lot

I know the things I'm not

It's alright, it's ok

And it's not

Maybe things will change

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