Acorde de I Know One - Charley Pride

Letra de I Know One

Key = D

Intro: D - D - A7 - D


When All Your Loves Have Ended


When All Your Friends Have Flown

Who'll Be Around To Want You


When All Your Loves Have Gone

D7 G

Only A Fool Would Do It After The Way You've Done

D A7 D D7 G

But How Many Fools Would Have You---ou I Know One

A7 G

This Fool Keeps Wondering Why He Fell In Love At All

D A7

But You Might Need This Fool A-round In Case You Fall

D D7 G

After The Party's Over And You've Had Your Fill Of Fun

D A7 D

If You Need A Fool To For-give You---ou I Know One

Instrumental Break: D - D - A7 - D7 - G


You Never Know You Might Be Lonely

A7 G

When All Your Loves Have Missed

D A7

It Wouldn't Hurt To Keep An Extra Fool On Your List

D D7 G

After Your Heart's Been Broken And It Needs A Place To Run

D A7 D

If You'll Take A Fool Who Loves You---ou I Know One

A7 D A7 D

Mmmm --- Yes I Know One --- mmm-mmmm-mmm --- I Know One

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