Acorde de I Can't Forget You - Nicky Jam

Letra de I Can't Forget You

      C7             F   

I know we're no longer together

And you moved on with another

Not a day goes by that I don't miss your face

C7 F

You can be warm under the covers

We make love and like no other

I regret not doing more than make you stay


So if the world is getting heavy

And you feel the need to call me

Never doubt it, I'll always be right here

If I had a chance to bring you back to me

I would do it in a heartbeat

Never doubt it, I'll always be right here

Gm C

As much as I pretend

I can't forget the day you left

You're the air I breathe

My life was in your kiss

My breath in your lips

So how do I live?

If baby you're the air I breathe


(Cuz baby you're the air I breathe)

Oye mami

F7 Bb Gm C7

We can't help without feeling you owe me

Holding the pillow I'm pretending is your body

Is like I'm drowning underwater with my insights

This the kind of pain that makes a man cry

Holding it and keeping it cool

F7 Bb Gm C7

So I be steady on my rack I keep my mind over you

But it ain't working

I'm missing you like a drug

Is like I can't get back the air of my lungs

That's why I'm telling



No matter how far

Wherever you are

I'm waiting for you

D7 Gm C

I don't wanna, I don't wanna let go

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