Acorde de Higher Love - Steve Winwood

Letra de Higher Love

Intro: {Drum solo}


| ||N.C. | | ||

{Enters conga}

| | | |

Verse A-1: (0:18-) {Enters electric piano}


||Bb F |Eb F |

Think about___ it, there must be__ higher love

|Eb Bb |Gm F

Down in the heart or hidden in the stars a-bove

|Bb F |Eb F |

With-out it, life is a wasted time

|Eb Bb |F C ||

Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine

Verse B-1: (0:37-) {Enters mute guitar}


|C |Dm |

Things look so bad everywhere

|C |Am Bb |

In this whole world, what is fair?

|C |Bb F |

We walk blind and we try to see

|C |Am Dm ||

Falling behind in what could be

Chorus 1: (0:58-) {Enter brass}


|:Bb F |C Dm :|

Bring me a higher love

Bring me a higher love, whoa

Bring me a higher love What's that

|Bb F |Dm C

higher love I keep thinking of?____

[Verse A-2] (1:16-)

Worlds are turning and we're just hanging on

Facing our fear and standing out there alone

A yearning, and it's real to me

There must be someone who's feeling for me

{Instrumental break}

|:Dm C/D Dm Am7 |Dm :| (x 2)

(Verse B-1) (1:46-)

(Chorus 1) (2:05-)


[Chorus 2] (2:24-)

Bring me a higher love

Bring me a higher love

Bring be a higher love I could

rise above on a higher love

Bridge: (2:45-) {No guitar}


| Bb C Dm | C Bb | C Dm | C Bb |

I will wait for it I'm not too late for it

| Bb C Dm |C Bb | C Dm |C Bb

Un- til then, I'll sing my song To cheer the night a-long

{Enter cutting guitar and funky brass}

||Dm C/D Dm Am7 |Dm | C/D Dm Am7|5/4 Dm |

Bring it Um__

|4/4 Dm C/D Dm C/D |2/4 Dm |4/4 C/D Dm Am7||

|C | |

I could light the night up with my soul on fire

|C |Bb |

I could make the sun shine from pure desire

|Bb Dm |Eb Bb |

Let me feel that love come over me

|Dm Bb |F C ||

Let me feel how strong it could be

|N.C./C | | | ||


(Chorus 1) (3:50-)

Coda: (4:09-)


|:Bb F |C Dm :| (X 2)

{Female vocals, only with drums}

|F C | |

(Bring me a higher love)

|F C | Dm |

(Bring me a higher love, oh____ ) Bring me

|F C | |

(Bring me a higher love) Oh______

|F C | Dm |

(Bring me a higher love) Oh,_____

{Enter others} (4:37-)

|:Bb F |C Dm :|

Bring me a higher love (repeat ad lib to fade)

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